Box makes bigger push in education, with new cloud apps and services


Just in time for the new school year, cloud startup Box is making a big push in education.

On Thursday, the company announced several new services that let teachers and students at K-12 and higher-education institutions store content in the cloud and collaborate using a range of ed tech tools.

Increasingly, schools are adopting cloud-based products — like education social network Edmodo or Instructure’s learning management system (LMS) Canvas — that let teachers and students communicate, share content and track information online. Box’s ambition is to provide an underlying layer for schools that allows users to store and collaborate on content that can easily be shared and used in a variety of services.

Schools have historically been slow to adopt new technology, and many may rely on consumer storage tools, learning management systems or FTP software to store and share files. But more education institutions are moving to the cloud.

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