Cisco’s remedy for connected car security: Treat the car like an enterprise


As cars become more connected, they also becoming more vulnerable to hacks. After all, your car — unlike your computer or phone — moves at 60 mph under its own power. A compromised connected car could be a fatal one.

Cisco Systems(s csco) and auto components maker Continental believe they have an answer to the security threat facing the vehicle of the future: treat it like an enterprise. Each car should have security and access permissions of a self-contained enterprise network, and every incoming and outgoing communication would be monitored and managed the same way an IT department walls off a corporate network from the outside world.

Cisco and Continental seem to be taking the threat of malicious hacks very seriously. In this rather dramatic slide, Cisco shows all the different points of vulnerability – or “surfaces of attack” – in a connected car as their number of outside…

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