Who Will Disrupt Real Estate?


I don’t even want to imagine what looking for a house was like in the 80s. Over the last few years, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and others have done a lot to make more information available to those who want to buy and sell their homes. Today, I can easily get an alert on my phone when a house comes on the market. Indeed, I’ll probably know about it long before our real estate agent does. In a competitive market, that can be a big advantage over less tech savvy buyers. It’s just as easy to look at comparable and figure out if a price has any wiggle room for negotiations or if a house is badly overpriced for its neighborhood.

That’s all great – and I really can’t imagine what house hunting would be like without Redfin’s mobile app, for example. It seems, however, that this is about as…

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