OFF Pocket Is A Privacy Pouch For Your Phone That Blocks Cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS To Defy Spies


The OFF Pocket is the latest privacy accessory from the creator of the spy-drone blocking stealth hoodie. It’s a water-resistant metal-fabric pouch designed to hold a smartphone and block all wireless signals — cellular, wi-fi, GPS etc — so you’re no longer carrying a personal location tracker in your back pocket. The OFF Pocket Kickstarter project has impeccable timing, given ongoing revelations about mass government surveillance programmes.  It remains to be seen what airport security will make of it however.

The OFF Pocket’s New York-based creators say the pouch beats other shielding alternatives such as sticking your phone in the fridge — a la Edward Snowden — or repurposing a cocktail shaker. It has a shielding score of over 100dB for frequencies between 800MHz and 2.4GHz. It’s also a better option than just turning a phone off which may not block all signals, plus not all phones let you remove the battery to…

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