If you haven’t gotten a friend request from your grandparents, you will soon


Social media — once the bastion of teens and hip young adults — is getting a tremendous influx of older users. A study by Pew Research shows that while the a large portion of online users in the 18-29 bracket embrace social media, adoption is rapidly increasing among older seniors. The 65+ age group has seen the biggest gains, tripling in the last four years.


Pew estimates that nearly three quarters of all adult Internet users spend time on social media, with nearly nine out of 10 in the 18-29 bracket and eight out of 10 in the 30-49 bracket logging in. As for the older users, six out of 10 users 50-64 are logging in regularly. Only 13 percent of users in the 65+ who went on the Internet enjoyed social media in the spring of 2009 — that figure is up to 43 percent, indicating that seniors who…

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