Meet the translator: Wataru Narita, who translates talks into Japanese

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TED Talks are available in 102 languages, from Albanian to Vietnamese, thanks to the tireless work of our volunteer translators. So far, more than 10,000 volunteers have created upwards of 44,000 talk translations — and today, the TED Blog brings you a Q&A with one of them. Here, meet Wataru Narita of Tokyo, Japan.

1. What do you do by day?

On weekdays, I work in the management side of the media and communications industry. On weekends I grow vegetables at a community garden, and occasionally go kayaking.

2. What drew you to TED?

I don’t remember how I first landed on, but I remember being immediately
captivated by it because the ideas presented were so full of positive surprises. Watching TED Talks has become an indispensable spice of life to me.

3. What was the first talk you translated and how did you pick it?

[ted_talkteaser id=187]My first…

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