New Beats Studio: Best-Selling Headphones Made Better


With software, you can assume that any product that hasn’t been abandoned by its maker will get upgraded sooner or later. Gadgets such as Apple’s iPads and Samsung’s Galaxy S phones get upgrades, too, typically on a yearly-or-so basis. But have you ever heard of a pair of headphones being upgraded?

Me neither. Until now, that is.

Beats — formerly in business with cable-maker Monster but now a free-standing consumer electronics company — is releasing an all-new version of Beats Studio, its original model of headphones. As in the case of Apple’s current iPad, which is known as the iPad, the company hasn’t bothered to bestow the new model with a new name: The Beats Studio is being replaced by…the Beats Studio.

These new $300 over-the-ear headphones tout improved design and sound and are due to arrive in stores this August. They will come with a standard audio cable and one…

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