TouristEye Adds Weekend Getaway Recommendations To Its iPhone App

Worth a try.


The problem with most travel apps is that people generally don’t travel that often. That means that they will open the app just a couple of times a year when they actually travel. But what about all the rest of the time? Aspirational travel app TouristEye might have found a way to get users to keep using an app even when they’re not planning on going anywhere, with weekend getaway recommendations.

TouristEye has been around since 2010, believe it or not, but its latest app is a big step forward. The company has made an effort to boost engagement among its users with the addition of weekend getaway recommendations in a few markets, with plans to expand rapidly.

The app was built to allow users to create “wish lists” of travel destinations and experiences, which can be synced up and viewed even when offline. For travelers who wish to…

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