The Plight Of The Intrapreneur, Or How To Be An Innovator From Within


At Startup Festival in Montreal this week, one of the noteworthy pieces of data so far is how many non-startup folks are attending workshops ostensibly designed for startups. Ben Yoskovitz and Alistair Croll went out of their way to direct part of their talk regarding their book Lean Analytics to attendees who might want to take steps to innovate, but are doing so within an established business as “intrapreneurs” instead of from the vantage point of a startup.

Intrapreneurs face the same phases of growth as startup entrepreneurs deal with, per Yoskowitz and Croll, but the nature of each stage and the way they need to be tackled will differ. Applying lean principles within a business requires modification and adaptation; it’s not about just starting up a company within another company, the way it’s sometimes portrayed for big companies like Apple that are said to have maintained a startup mentality among…

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