Hateya Uses Augmented Reality Glasses To Help Firefighters Escape Burning Buildings


Firefighters are trained to go into burning buildings, but even with all of this training, they can get disoriented in the pandemonium around them. Hateya, Belgium’s finalist for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2013, says this is a leading cause of deaths among firefighters and a problem that technology can prevent. The team developed a system that uses a helmet with augmented reality glasses, as well as a small computer and sensors inside the firefighters’ clothing to keep track of his location. To find his way out, the firefighter would just have to follow the arrows that will appear on the glasses.

The system works autonomously and just a click of a button built into the clothing enables what Hateya calls the “ComeBack” system. Because it’s being used indoors, GPS would obviously not work to get precise location data, so in the current prototype, the system measures the steps a firefighter takes inside…

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