In Cuba, Increase in Honey, Beeswax and Propolis Production

Repeating Islands

cuba.Pedro-Sarmiento-300x200“The bee makes honey, but you have to help,” recently stated the Pedro Sarmiento Pereira in a conversation on the topic. Pereira, an outstanding beekeeper sin the southern central province of Cienfuegos, is a tireless scholar and connoisseur of the fabulous world of bees. Honey is one of the Cuba’s traditional export items, with a sure market in Europe (Germany, for example, pays up to 4,000 euros a ton for Cuban honey). This article explains the increase in honey, wax, and propolis production in the past year.

And it seems like the necessary help, coupled with the ever-existing productiveness of the hives, has been very successful so far this year, in an industry that had suffered in previous periods of a significant decrease in production, caused by the major loss of flowers that resulted from the winds of quite a few hurricanes, starting with the devastating Lili, which ripped through…

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