Havana, Cuba – Not What I Expected and Much More

Really great pictures of Cuba ! A must to see !

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Since having visited Havana in the late 1950’s, just before the Revolution, I’ve had an interest and curiosity of the city and Cuba ever since. Travelerlynne and I had the opportunity to visit Cuba recently for a few days on a People to People cultural exchange. Havana was not at all what I expected in some ways and far exceeded my expectations in most ways.

While many of the city’s grand old buildings are badly deteriorated, the city itself is busy and vibrant.

Havana, Cuba

Havana and Cuba-3

Havana and Cuba-4

Havana, Cuba

Traffic is heavy and the ubiquitous Yank Tanks, classic US cars, amazingly, continue to roll on like the sands of time, thanks to the ingenuity of the Cuban people. A metaphor of Cuba itself.

Havana and Cuba-2

Havana and Cuba-6

Havana and Cuba-7

Havana Yank Tanks

Havana '57 Chevy

These cars found their way to Cuba during the 1950’s when the post war prosperity pervaded the US and its tiny island neighbor to the south. Cuba was a playground for wealthy Americans and life…

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