Aventuras Cubanas (Cuban Adventures) – Part 3

Jazzyjules' Wanderlust

Day 11 – Trinidad de Cuba: Today most of us have opted to go on an unscheduled outing to Salto Javira, a small, local waterfall. As always, Valeri has generously come with us as unofficial tour leader. Unlike the previous day today’s hike is relatively a breeze – only 1.5 hours along pretty easy paths. Along the way we attempt to catch sight of some elusive creatures – lizards, butterflies, woodpeckers, vultures and the very shy Tocororo, Cuba’s national bird. For brief moments we do indeed catch long distance glimpses of the small, read, black and white bird. Beautiful.

When we reach the waterfall there is limit space and we have to share the area with two other groups of Canadians and french visitors. Having set up base camp we go for a swim under the waterfall. After about a couple of hours we leave the space to other groups…

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