Study: LinkedIn Positioned To Become First Global Economic Graph, Business Platform On Par With Google And Facebook


LinkedIn is positioned to become the first global economic graph with the ability to mine the transactions of an emerging data economy. That’s the conclusion of a study by faberNovel, which has published the results of its work with a detailed 127-slide report titled: LinkedIn, The Serious Network.

FaberNovel, which calls itself an international innovation agency, has a history of doing reports about the tech giants. As Ingrid Lunden wrote, last year it examined why Facebook at that time was the perfect startup. And in years past, the firm has published reports about how Amazon controls e-commercehow Apple dominates, and what could go wrong with Google.

The company chose Linkedin for its expertise in data analytics and algorithms, which has helped LinkedIn become far more than a site to post a resume. Instead, FaberNovel argues, LinkedIn is positioned to become a mega business platform…

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